How to Refill a Propane Tank

A man getting a propane tank refill

Propane is a truly versatile thing. It can be utilized for home and water heating, cooking and grilling, and powering heavy machinery. While disposable propane tanks are useful in the right situation, having a refillable tank can be more economical. But what if you’ve never refilled a propane tank before? Not to worry, these simple steps will show you everything you need to know about how to get a propane tank refill.

Steps for a Safe Propane Tank Refill

Step 1: Tightly Close the Tank Valve

You don’t want excess propane to leak from the tank during transport.

Step 2 : Position the Tank Upright in Your Vehicle

A tank is filled 80% of its capacity with liquid propane. The remaining 20% of space is left for expansion of the liquid. This expansion is due to the increase in temperatures surrounding the tank. Hot summer days cause the most expansion in tanks. Caution needs to be taken to keep tanks in a shaded area. Avoid storing tanks in vehicles on hot days. Tanks can explode if they become overheated.

If the tank is lopsided and the valve becomes loose, liquid can be released directly into the surrounding air. The exposed liquid propane will expand into vapor very rapidly. This is flammable and can be dangerous to the surrounding area.

When transporting, it’s common to secure the tank in the bed of a truck with bungee cords or ratchet straps. To transport it in a regular trunk, you can use towels, a milk crate, or moving pads for extra support. Wedging the tank between the front and back seat in the footwell is also acceptable.

Step 3: Keep Your Rear Windows Down

Make sure you have windows open for ventilation in case the tank valve becomes loose. Inhaling propane is harmful.

Step 4: Head to a Propane Tank Refill Station and Ask an Attendant to Help

Many hardware stores offer a propane tank refill, like we do here at Starrett & Son. A refill only takes a few minutes, and the attendant will make sure everything goes smoothly.

Step 5: Safely Transport Your Tank Home

Be sure to follow Steps 1-3 on the return trip.

And that’s it! Getting a propane tank refill is quick and easy as long as you do it responsibly. Need a refill? Now for a limited time, we’re offering 5% off any propane refill with code refill05 when you checkout at our online store!

Come see us at Starrett & Son for all your hardware and fuel-related needs. We’ll be glad you did, and so will you!

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