How to Use an FFL Transfer Service

Two men in a gun store conducting an FFL transfer service

Shopping online has become the norm these days. You can buy almost anything using the internet, and firearms are no exception. Buying guns online is extremely common and perfectly legal with the help of an FFL transfer service. If you plan to purchase a gun online, especially from an out-of-state seller, it’s essential that you know how an FFL transfer works and where you can have one done. If you’re looking to make a gun purchase and you need a quick lesson in all this, read on.

What is an FFL?

A Federal Firearms License, or FFL, is a license that allows a business or individual to buy or sell guns and ammunition. In Ohio, if someone purchases a gun online, that seller isn’t legally allowed to ship the gun directly to the buyer. Instead, the seller will ship the gun to a licensed firearm dealer located near the buyer. The dealer will conduct an FFL transfer to confirm the gun’s new owner and then give the gun to the buyer.

Steps to Carry Out an FFL Transfer

Alright–you’ve found a gun you wish to purchase and the seller has agreed, now what?

Step 1: Find a licensed firearm dealer in your area and contact them about the FFL transfer service. Make sure you notify them of your intentions before the seller ships out the gun. Dealers don’t appreciate being sent mysterious guns with no prior notice. Dealers will also have fees for conducting the transfer for you.

Step 2: Fill out the ATF Form 4473 for a background check, which is federal law. Once the background check is complete, the seller exchanges information with the dealer to initiate the transfer. The seller then ships the gun to the dealer.

Step 3: Once the gun has arrived, the dealer will contact you to come pick it up.

Understanding this process is vital to make sure your gun purchase is quick, easy, and legal. Luckily, your friends here at Starrett & Son offer an FFL transfer service for a fair price. If you still have questions, or you’ll be needing an FFL transfer service in the near future, come pay us a visit–we’d be happy to help! And be sure to check out our own collection of firearms at our online store!

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