Propane Services

We know that often times when you need propane the most, you’re out. That’s why we are proud to offer convenient and affordable propane refill services right here in the Duncan Falls/Philo Area. Whether you need a refill for your grill, RV, or other propane-powered equipment, our team will ensure that your tanks are filled quickly and efficiently. We offer competitive pricing and flexible refill options to fit your schedule and budget.

Small propane/gas tank being refilled

Easy Refill Guaranteed

We know that your time is valuable. That’s why we’ve made our propane refill services as easy and convenient as possible. With our easy refill process, all you have to do is bring in your empty
propane tank to our store, and our friendly staff will take care of the
rest. No need to worry about exchanging tanks or navigating complicated refill systems. We’ll handle everything from start to finish, so you can get back to your day with one less thing to worry about.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, appointments aren't mandatory. We understand the unpredictability of propane needs, so simply walk into our store with your empty tank, and we'll assist you. However, if you prefer scheduling ahead for larger refills or during peak times, you're welcome to contact us.

We cater to a diverse range of propane tanks, from BBQ grills and RVs to specialized propane-powered equipment. If your device uses propane, chances are, we can refill its tank. But if you're unsure, always feel free to ask.

Typically, yes. When you refill your tank, you only pay for the propane, while exchanges often come with additional service fees. Plus, by refilling, you retain your own tank, which may be of superior quality than exchanged ones.

Most refills are done in just a few minutes. Our team is trained to be efficient, ensuring you're back to your day swiftly. During peak times or for larger tanks, it might take slightly longer, but we always prioritize prompt service.

We handle a wide range of propane tank sizes, from the smaller cylinders used for BBQs to larger ones for RVs. If you have an uncommonly large or small tank, it might be helpful to call ahead and check.

We're proud to offer competitive prices and strive to accommodate our customers. If you have bulk refilling needs, contact us to discuss potential discounts or special arrangements.

Absolutely! We understand businesses may have recurring propane needs. Reach out to us, and we can create a tailored refill schedule, ensuring you never run out.

Our refill service charges are based on the amount of propane used to fill your tank. You are able to contact us here for specific refund inquiries.

reach out to us

If you still have questions regarding our propane refill, or any of our other services/products, please feel free to visit our contact page. We take pride in our status as a local, family-run hardware store in Duncan Falls/Philo, Ohio and love nothing more than helping members of our community find the hardware solutions they need.