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general hardware

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We stock only the best tools and products so you can get the job done right. Whether your project is in the yard, kitchen, or basement, you can find all the tools and expertise you need right here at our hardware store in the Duncan Falls/Philo and Zanesville, Ohio area. Our staff is ready to assist you in completing any project within any budget. Feel free to stop by today and visit us, or check out our online store!

Shelves of tools inside Starrett & Son, a hardware store near Zanesville, Ohio

Tools & Fasteners

Need a new tool to add to your collection? We stock the most reliable power tools so you can always find what you’re looking for. Our inventory of Milwaukee power tools ensures that you always have the right tool for the job. Combined with our expansive selection of hand tools and fasteners, Starrett & Son Pro Hardware is the one-stop-shop for tools and general hardware in the Duncan Falls/Philo area.

Heaters & generators

Our inventory of generators makes sure that you are never caught off guard with a pesky power outage again. Whether you need to power a single room or an entire house, our selection of Generac generators ensures that you will always be prepared. Along with this we stock a variety of heaters so that you can always stay warm during those winter months.

A Generac generator, one of the many general hardware solutions sold by the Starrett & Son hardware store near Duncan Falls/Philo/Zanesville, Ohio

reach out to us

If you still have questions regarding our general hardware, power tools, heaters & generators, or any of our other services/products, please feel free to visit our contact page. We take pride in our status as a local, family-run hardware store in Duncan Falls/Philo, Ohio and love nothing more than helping members of our community find the hardware solutions they need.